West Virginia Office of Miners' Health Safety and Training

Types of Certifications
Issued by WV MHS&T

Last revised:  07/08/19 02:41 PM

1 (replaced by electrical no. 26)
2 Apprentice Electrician
3 Truck Driver
4 Apprentice Surface Miner
5 Apprentice Underground Miner
6 Underground Miner
7 Surface Miner
8 Shot Firer
9 Underground Mine Foreman
10 Asst. Underground Mine Foreman
11 Surface Mine Foreman
12 Asst. Surface Mine Foreman
13 Shaft/Slope Superintendent
14 Shaft/Slope Examiner Foreman
15 Surface Construction Supervisor
16 Clay Mine Foreman
17 Mine Rescue
18 Gas Tester
20 Shaft/Slope Shot Firer
21 Belt Examiner
22 Mine Rescue Instructor
23 40-Hour Instructor
24 80-Hour Instructor
25 (replaced by electrical no. 26)
26 Electrician
27 Gas Test Inst.; Cnst., Shaft/Slope Supervisor
28 Qualified Diesel Instructor
29 Qualified Clearing Crew
30 Qualified Person, Electrical
31 Continuing Education for Underground Mine Foreman Instructor
32 Safety Sensitive Personnel
33 Emergency Medical Technician - Miner
34 Emergency Medical Technician - Instructor

Additional information for each of these Certifications may be found in our Certification Policy  Manual.

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