WV MHST Offices

Charleston - Main Office

Phone: (304) 558-1425 Fax: (304) 558-1282
Contact E-mail:

Charleston - Main Office

7 Players Club Drive Charleston, West Virginia, 25311 Phone: (304) 558-1425 Fax: (304) 558-1282
Employee Contact Information
Name Position Function Phone Email
Bell, Josh Administrator Administration (304) 720-1121 Joshua.B.Bell@wv.gov
Boothroyd, John Assistant Attorney General Administration (304) 720-1120 John.H.Boothroyd@wv.gov
Craver, Leah Administrative Secretary Administration (304) 720-1132 Leah.M.Craver@wv.gov
Kinder, Johnnny Deputy Director Administration (304) 720-1133 John.L.Kinder@wv.gov
Lambert, Amanda Secretary II Administration (304) 720-1122 Amanda.J.Lambert@wv.gov
Lilly, Melissa Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 720-1125 Melissa.G.Lilly@wv.gov
Kenney, Stephen Assistant Attorney General Administration (304) 720-1123 Stephen.M.Kenney@wv.gov
Vealey, Emily Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 720-1131 Emily.R.Vealey@wv.gov
Watson, Stacie Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 720-1126 Stacie.M.Watson@wv.gov
White, Eugene Director Administration (304) 720-1134 Eugene.E.White@wv.gov
White, Daisy Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist I/Temp Administration (304) 720-1127 Daisy.E.White@wv.gov
Wurts, Nyoka Receptionist/Temp Administration (304) 720-1136 Nyoka.D.Wurts@wv.gov

Westover - Region 1 Office

Phone: (304) 285-3268 Fax: (304) 285-3275
Contact E-mail:

Westover - Region 1 Office

14 Commerce Drive Morgantown, West Virginia, 26501 Phone: (304) 285-3268 Fax: (304) 285-3275
Employee Contact Information
Name Position Function Phone Email
Bennett, Jeff District Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0243 Jeff.A.Bennett@wv.gov
Bowman, James Electrical Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0242 James.S.Bowman@wv.gov
Burgoyne, Danny District Inspector Enforcement Danny.R.Burgoyne@wv.gov
Coen, William "Bill" District Inspector Enforcement William.C.Coen@wv.gov
Delaney, Melvin Electrical  Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0240 Melvin.L.Delaney@wv.gov
Dragoo, Gail Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 225-0235 Gail.M.Dragoo@wv.gov
Fansler, James "Doug" District Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0249 James.D.Fansler@wv.gov
Hanlon, Tony District Inspector Enforcement Tony.R.Hanlon@wv.gov
Haught, David Safety Instructor Training (304) 225-0253 David.C.Haught@wv.gov
Loyd, Buddy Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 890-0259 Buddy.L.Loyd@wv.gov
Matlick, Michael "Adam" District Inspector Enforcement Adam.M.Matlick@wv.gov
McCullough, David Safety Instructor Training (304) 225-0245 David.G.McCullough@wv.gov
Meadows, John Assistant Inspector-at-Large Administration (304) 225-0239 John.J.Meadows@wv.gov
Myers, Marsha Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 225-0237 Marsha.J.Myers@wv.gov
Nestor, Allen District Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0250 Allen.L.Nestor@wv.gov
Nicholson, John Electrical Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0241 John.L.Nicholson@wv.gov
Peddicord, Ed Inspector-at-Large Administration (304) 225-0238 Ed.J.Peddicord@wv.gov
Rankin, Tadd District Inspector Enforcement (304) 225-0248 Tadd.O.Rankin@wv.gov
Sims, Charlie District Inspector Enforcement Charles.N.Sims@wv.gov
Sharp, Nathan District Inspector Enforcement Nathan.E.Sharp@wv.gov
Southern, Mike Surface Inspector Enforcement 304-225-0247 Mike.W.Southern@wv.gov
Sparks, John Safety Instructor Training (304) 225-0246 John.M.Sparks@wv.gov
Tennant, Eric Safety Instructor Training (304) 225-0244 Eric.M.Tennant@wv.gov
Triplett, Ryan District Inspector Enforcement Ryan.M.Triplett@wv.gov
Wood, Arthur District Inspector Enforcement Arthur.E.Wood@wv.gov

Welch - Region 2 Office

Phone: (304) 436-8421 Fax: (304) 436-2100
Contact E-mail:

Welch - Region 2 Office

830 Virginia Avenue Welch, West Virginia, 24801 Phone: (304) 436-8421 Fax: (304) 436-2100
Employee Contact Information
Name Position Function Phone Email
Blair, Kelly Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 792-9160 Kelly.P.Blair@wv.gov
Burks, Jayne Assessment Review Officer Administration (304) 705-0093 Jayne.M.Burks@wv.gov
Carter, Randy District Inspector Enforcement (304) 705-0098 Randy.D.Carter@wv.gov
Cline, Ritchie District Inspector Enforcement Ritchie.R.Cline@wv.gov
Collins, Eddie District Inspector Enforcement Eddie.R.Collins@wv.gov
Craddock, Clinton Safety Instructor Enforcement (304) 705-0096 Clinton.D.Craddock@wv.gov
Daniels, Terry District Inspector Enforcement Terry.Daniels@wv.gov
Depta, Doug District Inspector Enforcement Doug.C.Depta@wv.gov
Erwin, Craig Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 890-2922 Craig.S.Erwin@wv.gov
Evans, Stephen District Inspector Enforcement Stephen.A.Evans@wv.gov
Farthing, Travis District Inspector Enforcement Travis.A.Farthing@wv.gov
Fields, Corey Electrical Inspector Enforcement (304) 705-0097 Corey.G.Fields@wv.gov
Hamilton, Benjamin Inspector-at-Large Administration (304) 705-0090 Benjamin.F.Hamilton@wv.gov
Herndon, Steven District Inspector Enforcement Steven.M.Herndon@wv.gov
Kessinger, Donna District Inpector Enforcement Donna.G.Kessinger@wv.gov
Lester, Mark District Inspector Enforcement Mark.A.Lester@wv.gov
Lester, Shane District Inspector Enforcement Shane.H.Lester@wv.gov
Lundy, Jennifer Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 705-0086 Jennifer.L.Lundy@wv.gov
Martin, Janice Assistant Inspector-at-Large Administration (304) 705-0091 Janice.C.Martin@wv.gov
Messer, Gary Electrical Inspector Enforcement Gary.L.Messer@wv.gov
Miller, Matthew Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 890-4138 Matthew.J.Miller@wv.gov
Musick, Janet Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II Administration (304) 705-0091 Janet.E.Musick@wv.gov
Pack, Mike Assistant Inspector-at-Large Administration (304) 705-0092 Michael.A.Pack@wv.gov
Perry, Jr., Daniel District Inspector Enforcement Daniel.Perry@wv.gov
Persinger, Mike Electrical Inspector Enforcement Mike.W.Persinger@wv.gov
Powers, Allen Safety Instructor Training (304) 705-0095 Allen.W.Powers@wv.gov
Reed, Christina District Inspector Enforcement Christina.M.Reed@wv.gov
Slone, David District Inspector Enforcement David.Slone@wv.gov
Toler, Aaron District Inspector Enforcement Aaron.H.Toler@wv.gov

Julian - Region 3 Office

Phone: (304) 369-7823 Fax: (304) 369-7826
Contact E-mail:

Julian - Region 3 Office

431 Running Right Way Julian, West Virginia, 25529 Phone: (304) 369-7823 Fax: (304) 369-7826
Employee Contact Information
Name Position Function Phone Email
Stollings, Harrison Safety Instructor Training (304) 307-6009 Harrison.Stollings@wv.gov
Morris, Edward Safety Instructor Training (304) 307-6008 Edward.S.Morris@wv.gov

Oak Hill - Region 4 Office

Phone: (304) 469-8100 Fax: (304) 469-4059
Contact E-mail:

Oak Hill - Region 4 Office

337 Industrial Drive Oak Hill, West Virginia, 25901 Phone: (304) 469-8100 Fax: (304) 469-4059
Employee Contact Information
Name Position Function Phone Email
Adkins, Phil Mine Foreman Examiner Administration (681) 823-3500 Phillip.W.Adkins@wv.gov
Ball, Jeremy District Inspector Enforcement Jeremy.L.Ball@wv.gov
Bell, Randy Chief Diesel Inspector Enforcement (681) 823-3510 Randall.S.Bell@wv.gov
Boggess, Richard District Inspector Enforcement Richard.E.Boggess@wv.gov
Boggs, Dave Safety Instructor Training (681) 823-3509 David.J.Boggs@wv.gov
Bowles, Steve District Inspector Enforcement Steve.D.Bowles@wv.gov
Browning, McKennis Inspector-at-Large Administration (681) 823-3502 McKennis.P.Browning@wv.gov
Cook, Tommy Electrical Inspector Enforcement Tommy.W.Cook@wv.gov
Cozart, Paul District Inspector Enforcement Paul.A.Cozart@wv.gov
Crump, John District Inspector Enforcement John.M.Crump@wv.gov
Davis, Jeff Chief Electrical Inspector Enforcement (681) 823-3508 Jeffory.L.Davis@wv.gov
Davis, Greg District Inspector Enforcement Greg.S.Davis@wv.gov
Dawson, Chris District Inspector/Safety Instructor Enforcement/Training (681) 823-3512 Christopher.M.Dawson@wv.gov
Dorsey, Travis Electrical Inspector Enforcement Travis.B.Dorsey@wv.gov
Duffey, Timothy District Inspector Enforcement Timothy.R.Duffey@wv.gov
Epperly, Mike Inspector 1 Administration/Enforcement (681) 823-3518 Mike.D.Epperly2@wv.gov
Ferguson, Aaron Technical Analyst Administration/Mapping (681) 823-3504 Aaron.G.Ferguson@wv.gov
Fitzwater, Tim Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 890-0747 Thomas.E.Fitzwater@wv.gov
Forren, Barton District Inspector Enforcement Barton.D.Forren@wv.gov
Griffin, James District Inspector Enforcement James.E.Griffin@wv.gov
Harrah, Michelle Administrative Service Assistant II Administration (304) 640-4374 Michelle.L.Harrah@wv.gov
Hieb, Monte Engineer III Administration/Technical Support (681) 823-3503 Monte.R.Hieb@wv.gov
Irick, Kalynn Temp Administration Kalynn.D.Irick@wv.gov
Irvin, Claude Safety Instructor Training Claude.W.Irvin@wv.gov
Kinder, Scotty District Inspector Enforcement Scotty.J.Kinder@wv.gov
Marcus, Dawn Administrative Service Assistant I Administration (681) 823-3511 Dawn.M.Marcus@wv.gov
Maynor, Donald Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 719-9002 Donald.W.Maynor@wv.gov
Moles, Charlie Assistant Inspector-at-Large Administration (681) 823-3505 Charles.E.Moles@wv.gov
Mollohan, Matthew Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 890-0750 Matthew.N.Mollohan@wv.gov
Mullins, James District Inspector Enforcement James.D.Mullins@wv.gov
Nagy, Hannah Temp Administration Hannah.R.Nagy@wv.gov
Nester, Richard "Neil" District Inspector Enforcement Richard.N.Nester@wv.gov
Patrick, Larry Electrical Inspector Enforcement Larry.W.Patrick@wv.gov
Pennington, Brittany Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist 1 Administration (681) 823-3513 Brittany.F.Pennington@wv.gov
Phares, Steven Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 640-5572 Steven.L.Phares@wv.gov
Raines, Joseph District Inspector Enforcement Joseph.E.Raines@wv.gov
Shingler, Victor Surface Inspector Enforcement (304) 890-1386 Victor.B.Shingler@wv.gov
Stewart, Gene District Inspector Enforcement (681) 823-3515 William.E.Stewart@wv.gov
Vickers, Mike Mine Rescue Coordinator Administation (681) 823-3507 Michael.W.Vickers@wv.gov
Ward, Justin District Inspector Enforcement Justin.R.Ward@wv.gov
Williams, Josh Electrical Inspector Enforcement Joshua.B.Williams@wv.gov

WV Center

Phone: 304-369-7823 Fax: 304-369-7826
Contact E-mail:
Employee Contact Information
Name Position Function Phone Email
Bradley, Kimberly Operations Manager Administration (304) 307-6011 Kimberly.J.Bradley@wv.gov
Cregger, Matthew Trainer Training (304) 307-6012 Matthew.J.Cregger@wv.gov
Dingess, Erick Staff Development Specialist, Sr. Administrtion (304) 307-6007 Erick.J.Dingess@wv.gov
Wriston, Shane Trainer Training (304) 307-6022 Shane.A.Wriston@wv.gov

Other Contacts


(304) 369-7823


Lawrence Messina

Office:   (304) 957-2515

Mobile: (304) 205-3037



Phone Number (866) 987-2338


Anonymous Mine Safety Tips
Safety Complaints
(866) 808-0875


Contact: Amanda Lambert
Email: Amanda.J.Lambert@wv.gov
Telephone: (304) 720-1122


Administrator: Frank Foster
Email: Frank.G.Foster@wv.gov
Telephone: (304) 205-4120 or (681) 340-1417

Secretary: Mallory Yates Hicks
Email: Mallory.K.Yates@wv.gov
Telephone: (304) 205-4120


Secretary: Mallory Yates
Email: Mallory.K.Yates@wv.gov
Telephone: (304) 205-4120