We are pleased to announce the availability for our customers to now pay for services by credit or debit card.  This service is made available to our agency through the efforts of the Office of the State Treasurer of West Virginia and their “EPAY” system. Simply click the link below which will direct you to a secure payment site to complete your transaction. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.     

Payment pages for the following:

  • Penalty or Notice of Assessment Payments
    *Note on Penalty Notice of  Assessment Payments:
    The electronic payment system will allow you to list three case numbers.   If you have more than three (3) cases to pay, you can make the total payment in one transaction and email a list of all the case number with assessment amount of each to: assessments@wv.gov  provide a copy of the confirmation payment page.  This ensures your payment is credited to the correct cases.
  • This page is only for payments made to the WV Training and Conference Center WVTCC Payment Page