Since 1883, West Virginia coal mine information has been compiled and published in Annual Reports prepared by this agency or its predecessor agencies. One of the primary components of these reports are tables listing the mines operating during the reporting year.  Over the years these tables have become known as Directories of Mines.  In 2004, data from the directories of mines from 1883 to 1976 was entered into a data file and combined with existing electronic data from 1977 through 2003. The user should be aware of the following limitations:

  • Data is limited to underground coal mines only for the years 1883 – 2021
  • The data file includes:
    Company Name, Mine Name, County, Permit Number (if applicable) and Tonnage (if reported).
  • No tonnage data is listed for the years 1883 – 1895, instead  if a mine is listed with a “1” in the tonnage column for those years, then the mine was operating  that particular year.
  • Permit numbers are included for mines from approximately 1977 forward.

Historical West Virginia Coal Production 1883 – 2008