DescriptionCode or Regulation SectionDate
Regular Inspections22A-1-1410/31/1989
Imminent Danger, Clarification of 8/22/91 Memo22A-1-15(a)11/07/1991
Training, Mine Rescue, and Other Activities Providing Services to Coal Industry Employees22A-1-3405/20/1996
Mine Rescue Training and/or Instruction22A-1-3502/23/1994
Interpretation – Apprentice 90 Day22A-2-1201/13/2009
Underground Pre-shift Examinations22A-2-1404/22/2014
Inby Supported Roof (Memo BCMHS)22A-2-2506/17/1992
Inby Supported Roof, Rescue Work / Roof Fall Accident22A-2-2509/28/1995
Working Inby Supports to Rescue Another Miner22A-2-2509/22/1998
Traveling / Working Inby Supported Roof / Adjacent22A-2-2506/17/2002
Clarification of Traveling / Working Inby Supported Roof22A-2-2507/06/1992
Canopies for Underground Mining Equipment22A-2-2704/24/1991
Readily Available Vehicles22A-2-3708/12/1980
Letter to Mr. Sparks / Diesel 15-Man Personnel Carrier22A-2-37
Clarification – Readily Available Vehicle22A-2-37(a)01/03/1990
Track Equipment Clarification22A-2-37(t)(5)06/26/2009
The Use of a S & S Uni-Hauler as Mantrip (Dal-Tex)22A-2-38(c)06/15/1983
Persons Riding Scoops22A-2-38(c)09/24/1998
Duties of Belt Examiners22A-2-3907/13/2011
Policy Clarification – Duties of Belt Examiner22A-2-3912/28/2011
Interpretation – Working on Energized Trolley Wires22A-2-40(18)06/26/1978
Testing of Hot Sticks22A-2-40(53)01/29/1998
Fireproof Oils or Emulsion22A-2-40(8)04/09/1996
Clarification of Department Policy – Sanding Devices22A-2-49(e)08/07/2012
Fire Protection Exits From Surface Facilities22A-2-53(c)(3)05/19/1995
Enforcement Safety Helmets22A-2-55(a)
Electronic Cigarettes22A-2-5711/23/2010
First Aid Kit (Interpretation)22A-2-5907/28/1977
First Aid Equipment Requirement22A-2-59
EMT 1st and 2nd Response Kit Minimum Requirements22A-2-5912/23/2019
Diesel Emission Exposure Protection22A-2A-108/24/1983
Amended Regulations22A-6
Apprentice Miner Certification (Expired)22A-8-5
Certification, Engineering Students22A-8-806/15/1987
Exemption of WV Miners Certification for Target Drilling22A-8-808/06/2004
Longwall, De-Energizing Device (Interpretation)36-6-706/05/1991
Fatal Accident / Fletcher Roof Bolter36-10-5.1104/04/1994
Blocking Machinery or Equipment36-16-4.204/25/1996
Hazard When Machines are Mechanically Connected36-18-111/30/1992
Chock Blocks36-23-35(a)09/17/1993
Strobe Lights36-27-13-1.a05/18/2004
Coupling Devices, Approved (Marfork Coal)36-29-4.103/06/1995
Mobile Bridge Conveyors36-30-4.503/09/2001
Mandatory Foot Protection36-38-303/17/1988
Eye Protection (Agency Policy)
Eye Protection (Letter from C. Chambers / HB 2480)
Personal Protection
Monthly Pay for State Sponsored Mine Rescue Team Member36-44-407/30/1993
Hoisting Engineer36-43-4.1.10 03/15/1984 
Issue Dates of Various Miner Certification Cards48-2-2.708/13/1990
Instructors of Apprentice Miner Classes48-2-511/04/1988
Independent Contractor Truck Driver Certification48-3-2.907/01/1998
Mine Rescue Team Age Limits48-4-202/03/1998
Electrical Certifications48-7
Electrical Testing and Examinations48-704/17/1995
Emergency Rule on High Voltage Electrical Certification48-708/08/2001
Electrical Certification Apprentice Program48-7-4.107/02/1990
Rules Governing Safety Provisions for Clearing Crew56-2-14.305/04/2011
Certification – Experience at the Mine56-3-25.103/04/1987
De-Certification for Failure to Lock & Tag56-3-3705/18/2004
Examination at Preparation Plant56-3-37.4.205/10/1993
Emergency Shelters/Chambers (Interpretation)56-4-8.104/25/2008
Inaccessible Shelters – Enforcement Policy56-4-8.411/21/2008
Comprehensive Safety Program (Highwall Miner)56-804/10/2011
Freedom of Information Act Requests56-9-104/07/1993
Diesel Equipment Operator Training196-1-23.1(h)10/06/2008
Electrical Inspectors Policy ManualAdmin03/24/1994
WV Ethics Commission (Opinion No. 92-02)Admin03/05/1992
Mac-8 Battery Powered Personnel CarrierAdmin08/18/1996
Inspector Prescription Eyeglass PolicyAdmin04/26/2017